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Commercial Truck Insurance Is Selling Like Hotcakes Right Now!

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 “Commercial Truck Insurance Leads”

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Cutting Edge Online Marketing

Online Marketing That Rocks!

A guy calls me up (Jeremy) and says he wants to get in the gutter business. He says to me, “I don’t have a gutter machine and what I want to do is get like 10-12 gutter jobs lined up first and then buy a gutter machine because the jobs will pay for the machine”. The guy’s got no website, no business cards, we make up a business name on the spot. See What Happens Next…

Real Estate Leads

Real Estate

Something I have always been interested in is Real Estate. We started doing some market testing with a local Realtor with some great results.

Real Estate? Yes 15 Leads in 7 Days!

Get to the place you want to be in your Real Estate journey. This Real Estate Agent is on his way to making it happen with 2.14 leads a day for his real estate business!

Update: 100 Leads a Month Now!

Update 104 Leads in 33 Days!

Real Estate Results Video

Real Estate Results Video

These results kick ass! No Question this is the best way to get Leads

These are the best Real Estate Leads you can get right now because they're fresh leads. The only reason a lead goes from being a good lead to a bad lead is time. We provide Real Estate leads within one minute of the prospect filling out their information.

Update 104 Leads in 33 Days!

Can You Have More Than One Listing On Page One of Google from SEO?

Can You Really Have 5 Listings On Page One of Google?

Find out in this short 3 minute video!

How I Got 464 Calls in December

464 Calls a Month! For Towing!

Who does that? We Do!

Update: 923 Calls in June 2018!

SEO Case Study #1

Case Study in Progress

How we took a brand new website starting from scratch to the #1 position and getting quite a few prospect calls for this company. I just made this video to prove I'm not full of crap when I tell you we can help you grab market share from your biggest competitors.

Can You Go Up Against Your Biggest Competitor?

Do you have that one competitor that continues to dominate? It seems like they're just frickin everywhere! This case study is a realistic view of how you can go up against the gorilla in the room. I did not mention the competitor in the video but to give you a little insight, our biggest competitor is huge and they have about 25 tow trucks I'm guessing.

Update! We are now #1 Organically For 7 Search Terms!

SEO Case Study #2

Case Study #2

This is another site that we have been working on. It's still in the process but ranking very well as you will see in the video.

This one ranks #1 on the Map Pack

If you've ever wanted to change the trajectory of your business and see sales skyrocket then get into the first second or third spot in the Map Pack. This spot will get a ton of traffic, it's just below the ads.

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The Best Online Marketing

If you need online marketing and think you can keep up with the kind of volume we generate, we bring the heat, let’s set up an appointment to jump on a call together to see if we could be a good fit to work together on this thing. I don’t work with everyone because the leads we produce are exclusive and we only work with one person in each market so we aren’t competing with ourselves. I’m sure you have some questions and we can get them answered on a call so sign up now for appointment. 

Get Free Suggestions

Online marketing just keeps getting better and better but you’ve got to keep up. I will give you a 100% FREE website competitive analysis and show you exactly what your competition is doing to beat you. And as a bonus I will give you 3 tips that you can implement yourself in a private YouTube video that I will email to you. 

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